The ladies have agreed in part on certain prices, but this please you discuss exclusively with the ladies / tenants personally, because they decide as independent entrepreneurs independently and on their own responsibility, to whom and when they offer which services. Also, all agreements on the services, the amount of remuneration and their payment are made exclusively in the name and on behalf of the ladies themselves!

Below is a glossary of different types of massage:

Enjoy a little nibble and a tingling drink whilst blindfolded, complemented by a relaxing hand, head, foot and neck massage. Sheer eroticism, because the lady of your choice will then pamper you with her body.

Body to Body-Massage

You will be pampered by gentle stroking, loving embraces and a great deal of body contact. She will caress you with her whole body. Right up close, you will feel yourself melt away, really letting go. Pure massage on pure skin + pure passion = sheer relaxation.

Couples Massage

Why not visit us with your partner and abandon yourselves to an abundance of sensual experiences.


She will exclusively massage your intimate zone, deliberately using special massage grips to avoid you reaching the "climax" before the climax of the massage. You will discover a new feeling and a very special experience: total relaxation; although you are totally aroused! The "climax" is often an unimaginably, intense experience, because all you can do is feel...


It is a myth that only women can attain an intensive, complete body orgasm. In reality men can also experience an orgasm as being an inner explosion. Some research results have indicated that a prostate massage can promote male heath and prevent impotence. The male G-point is stimulated via the anus! Suggestion: complement your body-to-body massage with a prostate stimulation.

Sweet Seduction

The sheer tingle factor! Enjoy a massage in which the lady expertly caresses you with feathers, cloths and gentle hands. Through your skin you will experience all your senses, in a delightfully seductive way.


Would you like to watch very closely, to see if they are really turned on?! There are often some extremely hot moments in this massage. Be there when two ladies sexily undress and then indulge each other with a sensuous, erotic massage. The air is filled with sizzling eroticism. Two passionate playmates will cast a spell over you, reveal their feminine fantasies to you and give free rein to their lust. After this they will devote their attention to you, until you don't know any more whose hand is where and who is touching who - your whole body will tremble with pleasure. We recommend a time period of one hour for this massage.

Four Hand Massage

If naked female skin can create an inner feeling of warmth and security in you, then just imagine the sensations inflamed by two bodies and four hands? Gentle touches filled with sizzling eroticism will arouse you to a veritable orgy of senses. You should definitely experience this at least once in your lifetime - and you will never forget it. Two angels will guide you towards an ecstatic heaven.


Tantra is an art of love leading you into the "world of sensuality". It is a gentle, emotional and very erotic massage. Following Tantric principles, the whole person is touched including the especially sensitive intimate zone. Feelings of sensuality and sexuality have their place, after all they are an important element in our enjoyment of life. Peaceful relaxation music is played in the background, helping to soothe away your cares. Tantra can and should leave you deeply moved.

Hot Stone Massage

Would you like to attain lasting relaxation? Why not try warm stones, soaked in aromatic oils, gliding gentle over your skin? The combination of careful massage and deeply penetrating warmth is a true miracle cure for tension. Hot stone massage harmonizes your centers of energy, making you feel good all over.

Foot Erotic

Lovely feet gently stroke your whole body. You will experience an intensely erotic combination of bare feet or those clad in high heels. A highly intimate delight for devotees of foot, leg and high heel eroticism. Enjoy painted, aesthetic feet and delicate legs - wherever you like to feel them...